Being a young indie label, Go!Diva Records has rostered one artist exclusively: Anna Aliena. In the future we will probably sign more female musicians, but at present we kindly ask you not to send us any demos.

Anna Aliena

Go!Diva Records made their first deal with Anna Aliena. In 2008 the multi-talented singer and songwriter from Berlin had emerged on the scene as the lead vocalist of the duo ShirayasDream. In that formation the classically trained mezzosoprano defined her own genre she has called alien pop. To many ears this blending of pop and classical music still sounds unusual - or simply alien.


At the beginning of 2011 Anna Aliena decided to continue her musical career as a solo artist although she occassionally adds her vocals and lyrics to songs from the experimental gothic project Verney 1826. Her separation from ShirayasDream has proved to be a successful step: In November 2011 Go!Diva Records released Anna Aliena’s first solo EP ”Silly Little Boys” and in 2012 her friends and fans have already had the pleasure to enjoy her second EP “Cinderella” (release date: August 31). In addition, a single named “Gloomy Sunday” followed on November 30. EP No. 3 is named "Alien Pop" (release date: August 6, 2013).